Saturday, May 31, 2008

so what?

groucho marx said once "i've had a perfectly wonderful day, but this wasnt it.", and he was right, except for today. allergy treatment a-ok, ergo full day spent outside. nobody loves summer as much as i do. nobody.

Thursday, May 29, 2008

10 ways to meet a monster

(pastafarianism and cake)

home. mid-day. cake. discovery science. show about monsters. cake gone. mothman 1st place. mothman #1 monster (?!?!). cake gone. take attitude. mothman #1.

The Personal Supreme TOP 5 Monster Top (in no particular order)

#1 the other ultimate religion
#2 the friendly fiends
#3 hi, i'm baked
#4 the ultimate religion
#5 your own little collection of ex boyfriends

bitter-free sucks anyway.

Tuesday, May 27, 2008

an apple a day

(makes you poop in the hay? :))

doctor's order. or doctor's humor? :D

Monday, May 26, 2008

rattling the tea cups

(din corespondentele tinerei l.)

scumpa s.,
(fac epistola sa sune like on paper one hundred years ago :)),

majoritatea baietilor este ca lumea si exista si o categorie de baieti naspa de tot, prin nascare. excluzand posibilitatea ca m. sa faca parte din a doua categorie si implicit bagandu-l in prima (si prin alte locuri pentru o usoara senzatie de racorire a nervilor :P), trebuie sa mentionez faptul ca baietii din prima categorie pot avea comportamente similare cu cele ale confratilor lor din a doua, in situatii de plictis relational, cand sunt nesiguri pe ei (gen au o criza existentiala), cand sunt excesiv de imaturi si habar nu au ce vor de la viata (si atunci schimba tot timpul tot, fara logica) sau cand o relatie este pe moarte, cand the thing is gone, si se intampla, mai ales in situatia de imaturitate absoluta.

m. e intr-o perioada de coolitate absolut indispensabila. s-ar putea sa ma insel. poate ca lasa sa moara relatia ca sa nu se faca vinovat de ucidere.

[...]nimeni nu e indispensabil, asta ti-ai dovedit-o si tu cu b., despre care credeai verzi si uscate ca nu poate fi altul care sa ii ia locul atat de bine. bratele sunt niste chestii foarte flexibile si cu putin efort ai putea sa strecori pe oricine acolo.

[...] eu chiar cred ca te poti schimba pentru persoana pe care o iubesti, dar atata timp cat schimbarea vine de la tine. si daca nu vine, oricum nu inseamna ca nu o iubesti, ci ca esti mai indaratnic, asa, ca mine. :D

spor tie, concetrate on the good things, si abia astept sa iti vad cuibul si sa iti cunosc colega de apartament ca sa o evaluez la sange. :P

salutari si de la M..
take care and let me know of how are your stuff going,


and yet again, my earthly, simple wisdom saved the day.
they say you look back to your younger self and laugh. i know i do. auzi, sa te schimbi pentru persoana pe care o iubesti! bahaha! :P

Tuesday, May 20, 2008

truth bites - dixieland dog

recently we discovered the truth that was biting for some time: my odie-like friend got fleas. good reason to end a friendship but we decided to take him to the vet instead. he got the whole shabang, flea collar, injections and a trim. apparently it takes 2 weeks for the creatures to disappear completely and it seems to me fiends turn into friends for the mutt: it's like he has a new crowd to play with. i was hoping he'd train them to become this great dixie band just like in that droopy episode, but it ain't gonna happen. its hard to achieve success when you eat your team mates.

i'll get over it by starting a book of "pensées" where i can publish my last sentence.

Wednesday, May 14, 2008

swedish humour

so we're on this bus taking us to the airport.
i wanna sleep so bad.
i'm cranky cause that's what i do in the morning.
we get to the airport.
the bus driver picks up his microphone and says: hope you have a nice vacation or a safe trip back home or whatever.
whatever? ;))
it was 4 a.m., he must've been tired.

it was awesome, but i do like denmark more. :D