Saturday, July 31, 2010

cangurul meu preferat este viata ta

nemernicii de pe youtube, care de obicei sunt baieti de treaba, sau cel putin eu afirm asta pentru ca as vrea sa imi pastrez contul si sa nu-i supar, mai ales daca pun vreun videoclip-amintire cu o muzichie la care poate am dreptul, dar pentru care nu am drepturi, deci acesti nemernici baieti de treaba mi-au blocat un videoclip nostalgic de pe vremea cand faceam voluntariat in AIESEC Sibiu si echipa aia a mea era masa, casa, mama, umar de plans si motiv de sarbatoare.

si nu m-ar fi deranjat, ca na, cat dai atata face, si eu n-am dat nimic, dar am dat de postul asta al lui coco si m-am topit. coco, pentru necunoscatori, a fost un om grozav grozav de 1000 de ori grozav.

si pentru ca am dat de postul asta al lui coco, si pentru ca mi-e dor de coco, si pentru ca mi-ar fi placut ca lumea sa-l cunoasca pe coco, am sa pun videoclipul la loc, si sa stiti dragi nemernici de treaba ca ma doare in fund de copiraitul vostru, e pentru coco.

later edit: nemernicii de treaba stiu ca e o copie si nu am resursele sa-l modific nitel si sa-i pacalesc. asa ca l-am pus pe vimeo.

she was an acrobat's daughter

we were on our way to cluj, from sibiu, and i was listening to this song from little joy and i was enjoying the rain a little bit, rain is quite enjoyable from inside a safe spot, and then, in slow motion, i saw the bus go on the other lane, the driver could've been an acrobat, cause he swung the bus in high speed on the slippery, wet road all the way to the other lane, which wasnt our lane and there was a big truck on that lane, coming towards us, and that driver could've been an acrobat as well, but a more agile acrobat, cause he turned his wheel to avoid us and physics just swung the back of his truck at us, and it hit us, but someone should thank him for just hitting us with physics... or else, so i saw this big white thing coming and hitting us, i couldnt hear so well cause the music was playing loud in my ears but i could feel it, and as i was watching it with bulged eyes and perceiving it as though it was on tv, i was thinking, this is an accident, this could all go horribly wrong, hold tight, then we went straight into the field on the right, cause this acrobat driver of ours, when leaving the other lane, couldnt stay straight on his own lane, and the back of that truck must've helped a bit too, so he took us for a ride in the field, i'm happy for fields, this one in particular, i'd take a field over a big beautiful abrupt valley any day, but it was a bumpy, horrific short ride in this field, which i really thought would end badly and still perceived in slow motion and even though i didnt panic i was holding tight enough as if it will surely flip, capsize, roll on the floor or whatever big buses do when they are really sad, but it didn't, it stopped in the field, 180 degrees away from its initial position on the road. but it stopped. and as i stood up, shaking, but calm, and noticed all the glass shards and broken windows next to us i didnt know if i was fine or not, i really couldnt tell, but i checked, after my shaking stopped, i checked and i was fine and k was fine too.

but it was scary. damn scary.

"She was an acrobat's daughter
She swung by her teeth from a noose
But one matinee her bridgework gave way
And she flew through the air like a goose."

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

beauty is in the eye of the much-older

it's funny how really old people seem to have a different sense of beauty than young ones. maybe it's their life experience turned into wisdom that makes them Confucian like in appreciating aesthetics. but for what it's worth, every time i visit my grandparents, their relatives or old neighbours my self-esteem sky rockets. 

you might think my self-esteem is easily fooled, but only if you didn't know what self-esteem was really all about.

Credo quia absurdum. ;)

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


existential crisis or not, i still really love stories.
and cows.
and will always keep old toothbrushes in the eventuality that i might
need them for something although i never do.

as the express train passes the local

i've been out of touch. and not that i like touch, but i don't dislike touch either. yet again i find myself to be just a little person, a person in the sea, of many little people who are not aware of me. feels like these short summer days are just the right thing for eternal whining.

i cut the words "i will" three times already. not in the attempt to make a cyriakian like text, but more to stop making promises, even withering, wandering, meandering promises like the ones made on a surreal virtual space. 

they welcomed me to the machine. and i wasnt listening to old records. they welcomed me with a banner saying you're 25. you look just like when you were 23, you live just like when you were 22, you feel just like when you're 21, but everyone expects from you all those things you've always thought you will escape. and now you've been welcomed, you know it, it's in your head, under your fingernails, on that white spot underneath your watch, behind your ear, in all the places you would never think of searching.

everything is exactly the same as it used to be, except for this societal pressure which turned out to be gas that fizzed into a big fart of righteous speeches and odd looks.

(surreal bovine coreography by cyriak)

What's wrong?
Are you sure nothing's wrong?
But you're sad about something
So tell me what
I don't know
I can't tell you

Tuesday, July 06, 2010

mango manele

sigur ca stiti de mango, dar probabil ca nu stiti de magazinul mango de langa casa minunatei mele gazde din istanbul. si daca sansele neroade fac ca sa stiti chiar si de acel magazin, sigur nu stiti ce muzica rapaia trist din boxe. ba de asta v-ati prins din titlu! bravo voua. ciuda mie. si ce ciuda mi-a fost!

Thursday, July 01, 2010

prima oara

prima mea bicicleta era ca un fel de ponei. ridicol de mica fata de o bicicleta normala si ridicola, in general. avea doua roti ajutatoare, un claxon mai mare ca ghidonul si ....atat. era rosie, ruseasca si (putin) ruginita. o spalam si lustruiam, o iubeam sincer si nu-i ceream inapoi nimic. oricum, pe vremea aia nu-mi pasa decat de dulciuri si soldati din plastic, si stiam ca ea nu-mi poate oferi nici una, nici alta.

ziua in care ne-am imprietenit cu adevarat a fost ziua in care tatal meu a decis ca e timpul sa invat sa merg pe BIcicleta si, sub ochii mei inspaimantati, a dat jos rotitele ajutatoare. am plans mult. nu tin minte, dar asa cred.

dupa doua ture de parc in care ma impingea de la spate, la propriu, i-am observat prezenta pe margine, in fata mea. in momentul ala s-au petrecut doua chestii absolut importante: mi-am dat seama ca pot sa merg pe doua roti si am cazut.

ambele se mai intampla inca, din cand in cand.