Tuesday, January 31, 2012

"what's the matter for you, joe, i break-a you' face!"

when they say there's a high demand for jobs out there, they aren't kidding. what kind of jobs we're talking about is always a bit in the mist, but i had the privilege of enlightenment tonight, when going for an interview for a student job as a waitress at an italian restaurant in copenhagen. this restaurant owner said, aa, vieni, we eat, we drink, we talk, in italy, we take it easy, so i think, well, ok, in italy they take it easy so i go, we eat, we drink and the he says ok, now we go to my office. and i think, well, that's odd. but i keep cool and think hey, maybe i don't know enough about italian culture or customs. in his office, i notice with irony that he has a security camera and he's basically watching himself, so i ask, with much unnecessary naivety, why?, so he takes this cloth and covers it up. so i say no, no, not at all what i meant. so i think ok, there it is, the worst case scenario unfolding right under my now-like-cocker-spaniel eyes. he keeps talking about how there are so many romanians and bulgarians wanting this job, oh, and the tips, haha, they make more than me, these waiters, haha, and then he stands up and touches my hair and says well, i love-a your-a haircut and touches my shoulder in this hey-i'm-disgusting-and-pathetic-but-i-own-the-restaurant-you-want-to-work-in. so i figure it's really time to split and i say, i'm here only for the waitress job. then i kicked him in the groin and walked out, knocking a chair down on my way, in a successful attempt of showing how i felt about it.

and some say, a job is a job. well, fuh-get about it! 

Thursday, January 19, 2012

snow down

it's raining rain and also falling snow. simultaneously. and it's huge snow flakes. as big as the toilet seat. and just like the toilet seat in a house with boys, they will never settle. sit down. stay down. go north of logic and you'll find boys are to be blamed for the lack of snow in this case. go north of korea and you'll find american imperialists to be blamed for the same. this proves nothing. disproves nothing. except, 

Thursday, January 12, 2012


there's an explanation to why i think of my mother when i hear the word erotica - but before i go on i must ask fans of freud to put their hopes into the plastic bin beside them.
my mother's name is rodica. the accent falls on the second (!!) syllable. it is such a romanian name, that if we had ever thought to invent some national heroine she would have been called, undoubtedly, rodica. (ada milea knew this, too.) it's funny how, in the many years of being aware of both her name and the word erotic, i never thought of the similarity. till one day, f. said "i forgot your mother's name again". so i said "it's rodica". so he said "can i call her erotica? like this i can remember". so i said, well, nevermind, i probably said something less interesting. i should've stopped at the previous line, shouldn't i?


Saturday, January 07, 2012


i witnessed this conversation at a party, and when it will happen anywhere else but at a party (or perhaps also at a transvestite anonymous meeting) it will mean something. what, i don't know.

boy: hej, man
girl: hej, man
boy: or woman!
girl: ...
boy: or girl!
girl: ...
boy: or man
girl: hej, man

Tuesday, January 03, 2012

the sun is the same

(in a relative way)

(a personal reminder in a sort of public spot)