Sunday, January 30, 2011

how does lemur skin reflect the sea?

watching movies is electrifying. soon, when i'll become a mad scientist, i will be able to explain why. until then, i will live with the thrills of someone who's more inclined towards magical, unreasonable explanations. and that's pretty cool, as well, in spite of the unlikely event that my brain pushes me to attempt, that of being able to share it with someone. but know this: every time i get up from my favorite chair in the cinema and i touch the metal railing on the side of the stairs, i feel a little electrical impulse. i can't explain it, and it scares me, and i love it, and i do it every time, as a weird and a bit masochistic confirmation that movies electrify me, not in a cleverly engineered way, but in a sort of mystical, absolutely ineffable one.

 A Serious Man - Ethan & Joel Coen
 Winterland - Hisham Zaman
The Naked of Sankt Petersburg - Ada Bigaard Søby

some cinemas have a magical je-ne-sais-qoui. but je sais quoi! some have color particles that make you see colors that you can't see in the real world, particles that play with your sense of smell, too, by letting you feel the soft, terrifying scent of a storm approaching on the sounds of jefferson airplane or the fresh pungent air of a snowy sunny day in sankt petersburg, special frequencies that make you hear the sounds inside yourself, chairs with stronger gravitational pull that no one can explain.

and this little cinema, tucked in the heart of copenhagen, has it all. after watching a movie there, on a lazy afternoon, when you couldn't care less about the handball finals and you feel a mad joy for the impractical side of life, called impractical by the self-proclaimed practical majority, who might as well be the most impractical of all, you realize you're starting to see the world in those beautiful colors, and maybe it always had them, but you never saw them before, and it's so wonderful you want to ask people if they see it, like a real "virtuoso of the casual encounter". 

and you're lucky. you really are. even if it will take ages until you'll be able to explain it to someone, you can wait, the electrification process you're going through might just keep you alive forever.

Monday, January 17, 2011

we come in pairs

"You comply with my aesthetical needs", said the antenna to the mutt. they were in love. both their nouns had double consonants. they were in love.

or was it a line from gainsbourg, vie héroïque?
it makes more sense as something said by an antenna in love with a mutt. 

Friday, January 14, 2011

You could say that we're alone / But we're lonely together

you know those people who always have a visibly watery nose? some nose-substance stays up in their nostril and twinkles in the sun. and you know what else twinkles in the sun? my smile, cause i finally went outside, i went offline. and you know what else went offline? my facebook account because i finally understood its pointlessness. and you know what else is pointless? wanting what you don't need when you can't have it. and you know what you can't have? what about what you don't need?

i know, we hate to admit it.

Tuesday, January 11, 2011

everything you need to know about girls

and if they figured it out in thailand, where even many boys are girls, it must be true.