Tuesday, May 01, 2012

welcome to this spring

here came spring, real spring, warm spring, may spring, oh yes, and together with its friend the wind it spreads joy or pollen, dust and little particles that make you sneeze, and what better way to wake up than by expelling stuff out your nose and perhaps mouth at speeds ranging between 150 and 900 km/h, i heard this somewhere, such crudeness the morning has when you've got a jet plane coming out of your nose, maybe a race car if not a jet plane, and then it really becomes a race, first sneeze-car in pole position followed closely by another one and another one, you should aim at the window, so they go away and race till they dissolve, or else, if your head is still facing the pillow, they'll be stuck there, in your pillow, racing all day but mostly all night, every night, and you'll hear vruuuuum! vrrrruuuum! when you try to go to sleep and your dreams will become more vibrant, like sitting in a 4d cinema, yuck, yuck like when cheese ball snacks fall into your bag and you can never pick up all of them and they stick together (wouldn't it be so great to be able to expel them like pollen out of your nose?), no, no thank you, welcome, spring, but don't sneeze on my pillow.