Tuesday, June 03, 2008

so, nice weather?!

i just love to talk about the weather. it's 10 bricks of a solid conversation. i'd rather do anything else, but besides that, its quite enjoyable.

yesterday was a day of such tremendous quality, a day of mischievous pondering and ahas. my reads and the movie i saw led me to important conclusions that will serve people as learning for centuries. or centaurs. probably not, but it least it was fun. or whatever.

we all now (or at least i know) that childhood is all about games, cartoons and not wanting to wear the silly hat your grandma makes you wear if you stay in the sun. related to the childhood games, there's the thought (the individual belief, for now) and the explanation to why spending the first years of your life playing with friends who are boys builds self esteem: as the girl, sometimes you win and you win to a boy and even when you lose (at hoops or soccer) its still cool, cause you lose to a boy, playing a game you dont even like. the situation is psotive also for the boy, cause you most of the time win - you're playing with a girl who mostly runs away from the ball than towards it (that being my particular case) - but the essential part is that you win.
so mixed childhood friendships are not only life-long but also character and esteem building. :)

i also realised how much i like people, they keep their hopes alive to disguise how naive they are. i mean yeah, i believe in Santa, but thinking one can understand human behaviour, clustered on genders, is just super silly to absurd. i've always taken a keen interest in the webstats on my blog, for personal amusement only. recently, someone ended up here searching "the behaviour of boys in love", which brings me to my point, someone is so naive not only to believe that they could find such answers with a google search, but especially to think that they could really figure that out & understand such matters.

although all the "scientific breakthrough", i was still a bit pissed that after i die i wouldn't be able to know what happens in the world, and i'm really curious. that's my biggest, darkest thought related to death. and i realized, in my pseudo-sorrow, that people will continue living after i'm dead (except if my cause of death is a giant meteorite hitting the earth right in the kisser). in my self-centered universe, that's how things go.

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