Saturday, March 28, 2009

stench of spring

dont ask why i havent been writing anything for the past month, a month of chaos, havoc, beauty, extremes, love, hate, traveling,
i had this cool postcard i bought some days back on my wall, next to my fiat 500 picture. it fell cause the tape i used to put it up was bad, it fell off and i didnt notice. i didnt notice! i loved that postcard! i see so much resemblance to life or to my life right now that i dont even want to begin to explain. plus, its always better to leave it up for interpretation, personal views, the whole shabang.
does everything have to do with timing? with getting used to stuff? do things hurt less if you didnt get used to them? do they hurt more if you have?
probability sucks and it seems now you always have to adapt to things rather than provoke them.

you're not asking why. how cleverly polite.


Gorjan said...

Per che?

What's the deal with probability?

Which post card? Maybe you didn't notice it fell because your room is too big?

What resemblance?

Timing = doing things at the right time.
Getting used to stuff = waiting long enough.

Cute image.


prestidigitator said...

Actually, your first questions sums up all the others...and its the question i feared and couldnt even answer to myself as i was writing this post.

Its just that if you believe in fate and it goes all weird on you, you "realise" its all about probability. chance. coincidences. so being in the weird point of my life where i am, all confused and directionless, i am asking all these questions just to get them out.
That also goes for the resemblance, the resemblance with real life, the fact that you find something so cool but if you dont get too attached (used to) then its easier to detach, even though it was something really cool. And the reciprocal is true.

Pfiu, managed to say so little by writing so much. :)