Monday, November 23, 2009

help the blind, or else!

as i was walking up and down in the backyard, lost in thoughts, i see these two men coming towards me. one is guiding the other, who has a stick in his hand, seems like he's squinting his eyes and is keeping his hands forward, like a zombie or like cartoon portrayals of frankenstein. i didnt have time to make all these analogies in the split second between seeing them and having them speak to me, but i know that's what i would have thought.

so i see them, i think it's weird (i did have time to think that), and this guy says to me, in a very imperative tone: "help the blind, god will help you!". and by imperative i mean the kind of tone my mom would use for telling me to clean my room for the 5th time. not nice.

it's a simple syllogism:

where L is letzu, B is blind man, and G is god. but one without a conclusion. maybe more like a vicious circle.

so if god will help me if i help the blind, why doesn't god directly help the blind himself? obviously, being the allmighty he is, he could help them more. i'd give them 5 rupees. he could give them anything ranging from 5 rupees to eternal bliss. and what happens to the B-G relation?

is god trying to teach me a lesson? why does he have to use such transitive formulas?
god, if you're reading this, i dont get it.

by the way, i said i wouldn't help the blind and noticed the smirk on the guide's face. that is another thing i didn't understand.

vorb-aia, mâna întinsă care nu spune o poveste nu-şi primeşte răsplata.