Wednesday, December 29, 2010

the blackout's divide

we're experiencing a blackout. and this is no metaphor. light is out. black is in. therefore, a blackout. and you'd have never thought, but blackouts are the best way to tell adults from children (and this can be interpreted more loosely).

during a blackout, a child (and some of the more laid back or nonchalant adults, as well) will be thrilled with lighting up all the candles in the house, enjoy the quiet and, perhaps, if reminded by an adult in proximity, will feast on all the goodies in the fridge before they go bad.

during a blackout, an adult will worry. primarily about the fridge, secondarily about the candles burning the house down. he or she will be angry, irritated, almost as if he or she was served a fly in their soup or found pee pee drops on the toilet seat. 

which one are you?


Sofie said...

I would definitely worry about the fridge... Imagine we don't have enough time to finish everything in it... If the lights go on again, then the party is over... To bad we don't have blackouts in Belgium :)

Anna said...

i would be excited! but i would put stuff in a non electric cooling box and put towels around the fridge. but still excited!!