Tuesday, July 05, 2011

non sequitur

this idea that hit me today about how the right, almost gourmet, mix of media consumption can make you feel extremely happy/content/excited/thrilled to be alone (without any potential perils of feeling lonely) is doomed. 

if you agree because you got the point (which is unlikely as i'll only make it later on), we won't talk about it, as of course i am in the highest stage of my alone happiness, unaccompanied by loneliness. 
if you agree but didn't get the point we still won't talk about it, and most likely we won't talk about any other things, as well.
if you disagree without being cynical, it makes you cynical, as you then agree to the initial premise, that according to which some books, movies, tunes etc in the right combination can give you an intellectual high that makes you feel happy without anyone around you. not even people you love having around, madly. and if self-sufficiency isn't a sign of cynicism, then it is a sign of twatness.
if you disagree just because you're cynical, it makes little difference to me, and probably even less to you. 

so qed, it is doomed. where doomed refers to the non existence of any favorable situation. where do i stand? i'm cellophane. that's a word i'd like to use from now on for semi-cynical, self-contented girls or boys who would rate spending time alone among their top 2 favorite activities. 

but it's temporary.
like achilles. 
ok, or like watermelon.