Tuesday, August 30, 2011

a most peculiar thing

picking the right books to take with you on a really long roadtrip is like calcium - essential, in the right amount. since i missed henry and i knew i'd be hanging out in paris for a while i thought it would be appropriate to read the tropic of cancer. said and done. great read! i couldn't stop overwhelming myself with congratulations for such a perfect pick! until i got to my mom's place and, rummaging through my old books, i found the tropic of cancer, the romanian edition, all read, all read, even with my reading trademark, the bent corners on pages that i found particularly glorious. then i concluded that my awful memory is not a bad thing at all, as it lets me enjoy things over and over again, with the same fresh feeling. say nothing, i will forget it, anyway.


Anna said...

i hope there will go another 50 years before i forget that i read a good book before and enjoy it like it was the first time. the years will be good to you, Königin