Thursday, January 12, 2012


there's an explanation to why i think of my mother when i hear the word erotica - but before i go on i must ask fans of freud to put their hopes into the plastic bin beside them.
my mother's name is rodica. the accent falls on the second (!!) syllable. it is such a romanian name, that if we had ever thought to invent some national heroine she would have been called, undoubtedly, rodica. (ada milea knew this, too.) it's funny how, in the many years of being aware of both her name and the word erotic, i never thought of the similarity. till one day, f. said "i forgot your mother's name again". so i said "it's rodica". so he said "can i call her erotica? like this i can remember". so i said, well, nevermind, i probably said something less interesting. i should've stopped at the previous line, shouldn't i?