Saturday, September 23, 2006

i wish i'd care

i was home. watching tv. one of those rare moments. crap tv. and i don't mean a romanian fishing channel. it held me there captive. watching. like i really cared. then this singer comes "to the rescue", surprising some regular country folks by appearing all of a sudden in their humble abode (this is a word that has been haunting me since forever, btw) and giving them some presents, singing them a song, hugging the old lady of the house who was as impressed as a ... very impressed person. and you know what i did? i started sobbing. me! of course, you should have been there, in fron of my tv. there was so much ... silly stupid mooshiness in the air. you would have shed a tear, at least. or maybe i've had too much water today that my eyes decided to "give a hand". anyways, i felt ridiculous shortly after i was thinking in my narrow little head (this is just a figure of speech, i had to make sure you know) - and strongly believing, also - that ANYONE would have been impressed by this. now i only see the ridiculousness.

this is what happens when you stop thinking, actually. that's why i dont have a tv. long live ink coverd great smelling good old fashioned newspapers. until this comes along. the future is not bright, it's plastic.

p.s. singhiozzare. i like this word.