Friday, November 02, 2007

because i said so part two

stuff i'd like to happen on my birthday if anything was possible:
- have someone do my dishes
- have a cool conversation with an alien on the bad character of some human beings
- eat apples and drink milkshakes without feeling sick
- put the music i like on loudspeakers all over town
- have a magic power that allows me to make stupid people dissapear
- get freckles :)
- give a concert :P
- forget how to worry

but anything is not possible, no matter how many empowering quotes you read a day, no matter how many trainings you attend or how much you want to push your limits after deep conversations with yourself.
so happy birthday me and keep pushing those limits, its fun, dont listen to all the 23 year old smart asses who think they have everything solved. :P
its all about freedom of the mind.