Wednesday, August 12, 2009

ass in the gnome hat (<3) and the time monster

if you've ever felt wiser than your usual self when listening to friends' stories, you know the feeling i'm talking about. i'm not saying wise as in smart-ass or superior, noway! it's this weird feeling you get from a certain detachment or objectivity, if you please, when your friends share stories. you identify with them, maybe, they could be yours, maybe, they even were, maybe. but listening to them makes you become more objective and therefore see logic in arguments that never worked for yourself.

that's why i think it's ridiculous to say you're waiting for time to heal or solve things. time doesn't do anything (certain restrictions may apply). falling in love again does the trick. actually, i prefer the term "falling in love anew". even if it's indicative of a feeling, it gives it a fresh tone, rather than a repetitive one. falling in love or, according to own beliefs, whatever you wanna call it.


Luminita said...

Te astept in Bahrain.. sa rezolvam problema :P