Saturday, August 29, 2009

chaos making sense

someone, sometime ago, said this wonderful thing about india and everyone else started saying it and ever since people have lost track of who actually came up with it. but that's not even so important, what's important is the high degree to which this saying - "India is chaos making sense" - is so very true and applicable to so many things.

for example, i've realized one thing, in my short trip from the airport around the city: the most important thing for a vehicle in delhi is its honk. it doesnt matter much if it's a scooter, bike, car or auto-rickshaw, what matters is that it can honk, because honking is the way you drive in delhi. lanes or traffic rules might not apply. and by saying "might" i mean they dont. but it works. it works.

ok, speaking of amazed, couldnt believe the heatwave that struck me right in the face as soon as i exited the airport. mostly because it was 6.30 am. it wasnt hard to accept though, the fact that i wont stop sweating all throughout the day. thats because its usually easier to accept things that are out of your control.

so i was looking forward to the shower. and this is the good thing about india. you always have something to look forward to. for example, after i took the shower, i was really looking forward to my next one.

i thought you couldnt sleep much on planes and such, i never do, reason for which i was even so tired when i got at the home-stay, but then, in my helicopter room, i slept like 10 babies. maybe the shower also helped. the only distraction in my helicopter room was the "propeller" on the ceiling which took the blanket off of me a few times. when the AC is on though, my helicopter room turns into an industrial plant, soundwise only. you really feel its a "happening" environment. a magical world.

truth be told, helicopter rooms are a blessing. you can't be too outdoorsy when you're in india. not because you're not an outdoorsy person or they don't have great outdoors, they do. there are pretty gardens, squirrels on the few sidewalks and parrots flying freely from palm tree to palm tree. but there's also this strange air, a bit suffocating, even when you're in the shade, like an elephant who's sitting on your chest. fine, a baby elephant.

and lucky me, i got to go to a party as well on my first day. this party was special, not that i haven't been to a party with 19 year olds before, just that it's been a while. after this experience i can honestly say that some 19 year olds can open beer bottles with their teeth.

they don't call it incredible india for nothing!


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awesome letzu, laughed my heart out while reading your post!

have an incredible time and enjoy the experience ;)


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thank you. :>