Thursday, August 05, 2010

i've got too much cheek to smile with.

it's a new old phase. or an old phase anew. i'm excited and scared and full of what ifs and i know it's kind of cool cause the sea, no, the ocean, no, the milky way of opportunities lies ahead of my right now, right this very very now, but i can't help it being scared, cause if nothing works out then i'll be looking at myself in the windows of shops or in the bathroom mirrors and i'll be saying: my friend, this is not where you thought you'd be, is it? and i'll be replying no. and then it will be so weird cause i'd be talking to myself and only crazy people do that and then my only chance would be to turn crazy into genius, but if i haven't done that by the age of 25, it's less and less likely and i'll know that and i wouldn't want to package and sell some fake trendy crazy genius so i'll become really sad and go into real estate or accounting and hate it (not that there's anything wrong with it) and who knows what other terrible things could happen?!

so to avoid all that trouble i'll stop worrying. bring it on.