Thursday, October 28, 2010

chicken goes boom

a lot of my right-before-falling-asleep time has been dedicated to perfecting a device that would help me focus more in meaningless conversations, as i seemed to have an instant fidget-yawn reaction (sometimes i even screeched my teeth) and i immediately noticed the possibility for serious offense (and who am i to offend people who will never think there's something wrong with them or their conversations?). 

i failed. but there was genius in the failure. well, i say genius, but much in the spirit of humpty dumpty i might mean something else. and i do. i mean luck. but maybe even by luck i mean something else. so once you get over this, you'll understand everything, for my new invention will be a way to completely avoid and escape (guilt free) from those stinky, stinky stinky stinky conversations that without even the slightest awareness of your collocutor bore you tremendously.

to descriptively clarify: by "bore you tremendously" i mean suck out your soul and sell it to hungarian gypsies who will turn it into a fake famous person's autograph and make it so realistic that they'll want to keep it. (that is ultimately boring on exactly 5 levels.)