Wednesday, October 20, 2010

millie nope

three a.m. 0300. oh three hundred. past. past. past. wake up early, yup, charlie yup, wake up early how, how, no how. know how? know-how. instead of sleeping which you can't do, stay up and not sleep. cause you can't otherwise. who's wise? whose wise?

mine. my wise moment of no sleep, of sobriety, of clever aloofness, when i realize what there is to realize. realize not in accomplish, but in the milder form similar to being hit in the head with a flying object that knocks off your hat. so what? you can keep it. i didn't like that hat anyway. ok, not hat, heart? what about it? oh. i see.

so back to the books tomorrow. little adventure awaits millie nope. if millie nope could be a superhero she'd be a sidekick. a kick on the side. millie nope could use a sidekick when she feels like this. simon says give it time. i say simon is no beaver. i say it's not happening. but what am i really wishing for?