Friday, November 17, 2006

the day the earth didnt move too much

luckily, being me has it's silver linings. after days and nights of scavaging through rotten carcasses and the stupidity of the unfortunate events i've been through lately, i've found myself today in a situation i've been thinking about but never did really try to provoke. it was bottom rocking! :D i was at this rather boring teacher - guests (rundabout) gathering, on strictly official business - representing the Universitary Newspaper I have run for the past year and dont anymore. We had some foreign journalists (from E.U.) countries invited and it seemed to me that the organizers didnt care too much about their guests' interests and reasons for being there cause they put up this horrible impression of the 14th Congress. :)

but anyway, at one point, this german journalist lady from 'Die Welt' comes to me and asks me if i speak english and if i dont mind to go outside and talk. mystery solved: they were here to talk to the students, but the students were home and sent the teachers instead :rolleyes:. anyways, then 2 more guys joined us and we had our lovely little impromptu in the garden of the rector's office. because i hate going into the meaningful details, i'll just say that it was a great day for science. i've got feedback on my diploma paper subject, we've had a totally cool exchange of information and ideas and i finally got the chance to talk to people who do the job i'm preparing for. unfortunately, my very dear extraordinary presence wasnt enough to wash off the bad impression they got on ...umm... well, teachers and all that buttload. :D but anyway, life is sweet.

oh, wait, and hershey's is sweet. thus, life is hershey's. ;)