Saturday, July 28, 2007

the hmm hm of the hmmm

if i were to recommend a movie you should never ever ever watch it would definitely be the picture of dorian gray (the 2004 rendition). in the first 10 minutes i didnt know if i was watching one of the most horrible movies made after a really great book or some porno stars who decided to change sceneries and drop the nakedness. i mean, yes, the great lines from the book were all there, but they were said in such a way that only the word vomit can describe. en plus, basil was a woman! yes, wilde was gay, but not that gay! :rolleyes: All in all, it's a horrible despicable impression of a movie, with bad acting and absolutely no connection to the book. it kinda ruined my overall admiration of the book, but i'll get over it very soon, as soon as i can wash off the burnout blond dorian gray impersonator's face.

i'm leaving for sighisoara in 2 hours. if you see a santa with his photomaniac "menestrel" don't look for me there. i'll be running as far away as possible, probably delivering an entrepreneurship workshop on "how to run your business illegally during a medieval festival gone bad" in some remote location of the fortress.

oh, and P.S., i would like to start a competition on giving an explanation of the behavior displayed below in a public park - i could only come up with "curiosity" and "dog like making acquaintances" and "dwarfobia". :) i like the last one, even though it's not politically correct.