Monday, October 22, 2007

the bee's knees

its been a month. a month can be too much or too little time. from a certain point of view it's been too much, from another too little. it's been my most intense month so far this year, both as what I'm doing in AIESEC and personally. it was a roller coaster ride - with the adrenaline the lithuanian experience gave me and the pitfalls in between sunny good for science days. how ghastly! how magnificent!

october is such a no-no month, but this year it was different - it was my month of learning, banging my head on the wall, screaming, crying, laughing, loving, enjoying, learning learning learning - how much can we go on believing we know everything there is to know about ourselves and getting contradicted by every day happenings? dont answer that, forever is a sausage word.

i'm determined to get it all out, all my dreams and all my desires, do them, live them, at the costs of looking ridiculous and getting laughed at, at the point of making terrible mistakes and going against all odds, just because there's no point in living by others' rules and also because looking stupid is sometimes fun. sometimes meaning some time after it happened. :) call me a hedonist, only if you forgot my name.

yes, indeed, when life gives you lemons squirt them in people's eyes. :D

i feel like a fish on a bicycle, that silly that i can do the undoable - whats coming next is so the cat's pajamas.

p.s. sam stands for strange and mean. just so you know.
p.p.s. i miss limunitz and i feel pretty alone without her here.