Wednesday, May 06, 2009

are you lightning? (such a nada nerd today)

i don't know anything about love. you think i'd like to, and sometimes i would, but i think my ignorance in the matter will let me be bothered just enough to stir something nice. hmm, to make it clearer here's an example: getting hurt really badly cause of missing some sign but all the sudden depression would actually nurture some super master piece. how girlishly gullible.

i dont know anything about love and i act like i know everything, but that's a birth mark. some get it on their bums, others on their stomachs, i got it in a more visible place. i got a behavioral birth mark. mark rhymes with shark.

i also have strong opinions, with one p. strong rhymes with wrong. this blog is becoming mental masturbation.


Abhijit Acharya said...

dammit there should be something new now here ,....

prestidigitator said...

do you mean this post in particular? :)