Monday, May 04, 2009

here goes something

today i wore a tie. ties say a lot. it wasnt even my tie, but i had to start this post with something as i always found the start to be the hardest part, once i have that everything else just starts popping till the point of making no sense.

sometimes i want to write so many things that i have to leave sentences unfinished and jump to others. it's the way this post looks like RIGHT NOW. fuck, time is too flexible, making me look bad. time is why i feel misunderstood. i fell misunderstood, actually. long time back.

but i didnt wear the tie for the start of this post, i wore it to look cool. might have been a bit off beat, or maybe i'm just doubting my coolness cause of all the color mismatching rumours going around in my neighbourhood. and as i was standing on a busy street (i cant focus, what a mismatch in song choosing!!.... there, better!) looking all rebellious with my smoke in my hand, this group of middle aged asian women (i really wanted to say chinese :)) came to me and asked me where is the swarovski shop.

i bet you it was the tie. the tie said i am a young aspiring woman who has been in the fake diamond shop previously, but would be nice enough to direct a group of asian middle aged women to it.

i remember once people asking me directions for the restrooms. i wonder what i was wearing then.


Gorjan said...

Very funny! :)
However, I feel somewhat guilty regarding this issue. Hope you enjoy being asked for directions... otherwise you know what to do!

prestidigitator said...

Gorjan, I wouldnt say you are guilty, it sounds too negative. I'll just use "responsible" instead. :D