Tuesday, May 19, 2009

want is like + lack

'been reading this book. he says the first love is the only love. the other he says as much love as possible is the only love. she says true love is the only love. and it struck me in so many ways that i had to pause the book and take my laundry out.

i dont even know which one is my first love. is it the impossible-letter writing-song composing-i'd go to the end of the world with you-big ears are cute-guy? is it the highschool-boys are stupid phase-love-hate-and a lot of denial-trip? is it the accidents are more than accidents-coincidences are more than coincidences-love is like the movies bit? its not about being so absolutely ridiculously over everything that i can reduce it to some heterogeneous definition, its just a reference my nerdy sarcastic brain makes to my heart.
maybe every new love is like the first love.

so back to things i know something about, like wanting. wanting is like plus lack. although you can want something that you don't lack. you can want something you already have. you can want it to go on. but in a way that still is a lack, means you lack continuity, vision, security or conversation. :)

which makes me wonder, why did billy joel say he doesnt want clever conversation and what was the impact of his song on the world? has the importance of authentic, pure, clever conversation diminished cause of that?