Wednesday, July 29, 2009

like a fish on a bicycle

down with idealism, at least for one day. down with obstinate dreams. at least for one day. down with impossible is nothing. at least for one day.

since my redescovery of biking while in Copenhagen and my complete love for the contraption (i.e. bike), i decided that i would take my good habit with me, wherever i may go. Since i set foot in the home land i dreamed of riding my sweet new bike and getting that feeling of freedom again. but now, on my return from the first ride in the city, i need to take 100 deep breaths, not drink coffee for the next week and wash my fowl mouth.

it's been a ride from hell and those who think i always exaggerate are right, i am bit, but i couldnt say a ride from purgatory cause that's pretty still. however, my hogwash tendencies need to be disregarded for this time, just for this one time, as they are really really insignificant. it was a ride from hell! chaos ruled. weird remarks about my bike or my helmet flew by like the wacky racers. stopping every now and then cause there are no gradients in the sidewalk (you can't imagine how bothersome that is with 20cm high sidewalks!!) or almost having my heart stop cause of cars driving by so close on the street. cars honking, coming from all sides, wasnt even a rush hour. pfuuu...

if i ever become dictator i'll make huge bike lanes in all cities and ban cars, then force people to listen to cat power. if she can calm me now... ;)

idealism died today. it will be dead for the next minute, no more.


Banana said...

iiiiiiiiiiiiiiii told you so, i told you so, i-i-i-i told you soooo!