Friday, July 24, 2009

tidy up, music lover

my enthusiasm for organizing things has grown bigger and bigger. whatever caused it will be analysed later by someone with some sort of degree while i'll be sitting comfortably in a chair or even lying on a sofa, so dont worry about it.

however, my enthusiasm about what i've found this morning is very unlikely evened by anything else that could happen today. just to give a bit of background, decided to spend the hottest day so far in romania (and my second one here) in the lovely breeze of my mom's AC, by working on my relationship with my computer.

me, i really love to have the album art/cover shown in my player. it gives me something extra to connect to, appreciate or not, may be the little kinesthetic learner in me. :) so for him, i found this. Its called Album Art Aggregator and it helps put a face on your albums. it searches on amazon&co and so far it's been only one obscure little album that it couldn't find the cover of. i love it with caramel on top!

it looks like this. :>

but the coup de foudre of the day was Jaangle! I was looking for the perfect music player for sooo sooo long, ever since winamp gave up on me long ago, i've tried vlc, windows media player, windows media center, itunes... nothing gave me all that i wanted. but who says you can't have it all in one man?! someone who obviously settled for less. Im not saying Jaangle is the best, I'm saying it really is the best for me IN EVERY WAY and i just love the little transparent player that you have on top of everything once you minimize. :>

no time to be awed at my sudden need for order, gotta go clean up my gmail.


Nicolaus said...

hello friend.. have you try this one..

visit please...