Friday, July 17, 2009

relationship dynamics

sometimes i think about stuff out of compassion, because i'm imagining no one really thinks of these things so might as well do it myself. last night i thought about how girls have a dynamic limit while boys have a static or lethargic limit.

i will briefly explain my new theory.
let's take girls. girls will never date a guy who is an inferior specimen to any guys they've previously dated. therefore, their lower limit on dating is dynamic and increasing, as it's constantly goes up.
boys, on the other hand, have a basic set of features they scan through any potential new date and if there is a match any other extra features or lack of features won't be a criteria for dismissal. the basic set of features is their lowest limit, the basic pack which they can't do without. then again, some of the extra features some girl has might suddenly make it to the basic feature package, which will make their limit go a bit up.

but then again, i know girls who didnt stick to my theory. as for boys, its even harder to prove. that's how i realized all this doesn't matter and is completely left to free will. or free willy. ;)

you might say: i know this doesnt make sense, but wouldnt it be cool if it did? and the answer is NO. eventually this would mean the older you get (and the lower the pool of potential dates gets) the bigger your expectations, if not requirements, get. which leaves you in a situation people have been writing about for hundreds of years, foremost known as "shit". or "irreversible blues", for the ones who don't speak french. :)


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