Monday, January 25, 2010

the day i took the universe out of balance

for days and days since my return to india i've been gloomy and lazy. more than my usual self, that scared i might be depressed so had my first attempts to think positive and snap myself out of it, which included waking up earlier, a day with friends, eating at karim's and an unusual "let's go to the gym this monday morning before work therefore at 8"agreement with kk.

so by 10 i had already run 2 km, did some cycling for about 15 minutes, had coffee, read my google reader stuff and drank a litre of water. and wrote this post. i have become my own hero, at last. :)

more surprising that me actually waking up and dragging my sleepy knees to the gym was coming back home and finding mostly all the early wakers in my apartment either sleeping or having conflict with waking up. i realized then that by going to exercise so early took the universe out of balance.

and that's why, to restore world order, i guess i should stop going to the gym.


Luminita said...

am trait s-o vad si p'asta :P

Masi said...

Don't give up on the gym! In about 2 weeks you'll get used with it.

prestidigitator said...

baha! masi, you say two weeks like it's two hours. limunitz, can you now say you've seen it all? :D