Thursday, April 08, 2010

really smart phone

really smart phones, or rps as they would be called, would get to know you first. thanks to that, they will give you a different message than "the person you have called is unavailable right now" or "the person you have called is currently busy".

the really smart phone would say "the person you have called is emotionally unavailable" or "the person you have called no longer has feelings for you".

with time, they would even offer advice. "the person you have called is emotionally unavailable - a surprise visit with their favorite dish is most recommendable". and when they'll get really really really smart they'll say things in haiku formats or start rhyming "the person you have called no longer has feelings for you - you can cry, you can moan, but best is to move on!"
but then they'll get too smart and become very sarcastic & condescending, they'll be fed up with all the silly things people consume themselves with, with all the miscommunication, with all the efforts we put in complicating things, and adding all these on top of already being pretty straightforward, well, blunt, would only make people hate them and fear them more. they'll even start calling them "herpes phones", cause herpes sounds a bit like rps and they would think the name fits since they would fear them as much as they do the virus. they would also find it pretty funny. and so those really smart phones will be gone forever and the human race will be happier lying to each other over nokia 93ssssW56WW857. or 3xiPhones. or superskype.

i'd still invent me one of those.


Khamba said...

This is your best work yet :D

prestidigitator said...

:) i think it's your success that inspired me.