Sunday, April 04, 2010

stretch as much as your duvet lasts

roughly translated from a very meaningful romanian proverb (întinde-te cât te ține plapuma), "stretch as much as your duvet lasts" means whatever you want it to mean, depending on the context.

for example, if you're having chocolate that you don't want to share and someone asks you for some you can reply "you should be stretching as much as your duvet lasts" and walk away. similarly, if your parents want you to get the best grades and get into the best school but you are into football you might say "folks, i think i'll stretch as far as my duvet lasts on this one" and step away to dream about becoming the next next beckham.

well, you get it. but it's not so much about limitations as it is about laziness. in india or about india, a similar in structure, but different in meaning, catchphrase could go like "eat as much as your roti lasts". why?

one, because you should always finish your rotis. so dear tandoori roti, please know that i will never ever leave you on a plate. i will always finish you up, even if there is too little gravy to fill your generous capacity and even if my generous eating capacity has been filled.

two, because so goes my story of india. just when i thought i had enough, i had a bit more. and surprisingly, i could still take it. and this has happened more than once, making it seem like infinit limits. infinit limits because you might never test them all the way, so even if you're one street crossing experience away or two rickshaw rides away from getting that nervous breakdown, if it hasn't happened yet there is infinit potential. yes, i call the unknown - infinit.

dear india, you're the Virginia Woolf of countries - slightly bipolar, but with awesome stories. and i love you and hate you altogether, so i guess you and me are somewhat alike. and i shall have great stories too. one day.