Saturday, July 31, 2010

she was an acrobat's daughter

we were on our way to cluj, from sibiu, and i was listening to this song from little joy and i was enjoying the rain a little bit, rain is quite enjoyable from inside a safe spot, and then, in slow motion, i saw the bus go on the other lane, the driver could've been an acrobat, cause he swung the bus in high speed on the slippery, wet road all the way to the other lane, which wasnt our lane and there was a big truck on that lane, coming towards us, and that driver could've been an acrobat as well, but a more agile acrobat, cause he turned his wheel to avoid us and physics just swung the back of his truck at us, and it hit us, but someone should thank him for just hitting us with physics... or else, so i saw this big white thing coming and hitting us, i couldnt hear so well cause the music was playing loud in my ears but i could feel it, and as i was watching it with bulged eyes and perceiving it as though it was on tv, i was thinking, this is an accident, this could all go horribly wrong, hold tight, then we went straight into the field on the right, cause this acrobat driver of ours, when leaving the other lane, couldnt stay straight on his own lane, and the back of that truck must've helped a bit too, so he took us for a ride in the field, i'm happy for fields, this one in particular, i'd take a field over a big beautiful abrupt valley any day, but it was a bumpy, horrific short ride in this field, which i really thought would end badly and still perceived in slow motion and even though i didnt panic i was holding tight enough as if it will surely flip, capsize, roll on the floor or whatever big buses do when they are really sad, but it didn't, it stopped in the field, 180 degrees away from its initial position on the road. but it stopped. and as i stood up, shaking, but calm, and noticed all the glass shards and broken windows next to us i didnt know if i was fine or not, i really couldnt tell, but i checked, after my shaking stopped, i checked and i was fine and k was fine too.

but it was scary. damn scary.

"She was an acrobat's daughter
She swung by her teeth from a noose
But one matinee her bridgework gave way
And she flew through the air like a goose."