Sunday, December 06, 2009

boys and desktop backgrounds

my mom told me once that for buses and boys you should never wait. there will always be another one. actually, i'm not sure if my mom told me that or someone told me their mom told them that. or even saw it in a movie. really, i'm not sure at all.

but in this saying, buses and boys make sense together.
and boys and desktop backgrounds also makes sense together. but there is no saying for it. yet.

here's the thing: sometimes i choose this amazing picture and i say to myself "wow, i'm gonna keep this forever and ever!". and forever might be a bit over a month. sometimes more. it happened already with so many backgrounds that i feel i have a commitment issue.

but also, on the other hand, keeping the default windows background is very, very questionable.

and doesnt it happen like that with boys? duration is different, but you still think it'll last forever, that this one time you found the perfect one. and then windows pulls some weird stunt on you or you get bored - depending on who you want to put the blame on.


Mr. Sharikov said...

Just go for desktop background "none", colour "black". It's what I'm doing for 10 years now. Keep it simple, keep it quiet. You'll never need to change "nothing".
I'm not sure how that applies to boys but there must be some angle.

prestidigitator said...

I think you just revealed how: Keep it simple, keep it quiet. You'll never need to change "nothing".


Banana said...

dude. do i need to be concerned?

prestidigitator said...

no. just like you can talk about oranges when you dont have oranges, you can talk about not having oranges when you have them.

and you can replace oranges with love, sex or whatever feels appropriate. ;)