Tuesday, December 01, 2009

I'm dreaming of a CMYK Christmas

I think Christmas spirit (with all it's good and bad) is coded into my brain. or my heart. or some organ, at least. how else could I feel it's coming in this cold, dusty, grey, crowded, mostly hindu and muslim city?

(picture from Awkward Family Photos)

and speaking of which, did you hear bob dylan's latest christmas song? if no, please avoid doing so. he must be undergoing some unusual rebellion.
and speaking of which, no more absolutes. practice spits in theory's eye.


Khamba said...

Ummm...we have more christians in delhi than the entire population of bucharest...and u forgot the sikhs. so change your sentance.

prestidigitator said...

no man. it's about perception, not facts.

Khamba said...

wait..now what the hell is prestidigtator? where do u come up with these nicks?

prestidigitator said...

good way to dodge the reply. :P it's a magician, man. that's why perception is of the essence!