Monday, May 31, 2010

holy cow!

there's two things that scared the wits out of me in india. i had one more in nepal, when all the elephants went mad, but that in another episode.

the first one was one day after the bomb warnings issued in delhi, when we carelessly wandered around old delhi, the muslim quarters, in search for food, different and great food. one of my friends said, with a serious look on his face, "i have a really strange feeling about today" and then we saw the newspaper headlines speaking about potential terrorist attacks in delhi and fear clawed me like a cat when you try to put it in water. we were fine, eventually, and the food was awesome, but for a few hours i had the feeling this was it. and my last meal is a darn tasty chicken biryani.

the second one happened in chroma, one of tata's milking cows, milking lots of money out of helpless rich people, that is. chroma is an electronics shop. from overpriced cameras to overpriced hair straighteners, they have everything. i went there today, to kill some time before i could see shrek 4 again. they have a/c and you can "test" the wii or play with the cameras (and you can easily fake the "interested to buy" look by nodding a lot while making "mmm" sounds and wearing a nice scarf).

and the shocker came as i was innocently passing by a demonstrative speaker set. they were on. connected to a computer. and the music sounded bad. really bad. but like the sound of a mermaid, something drew me to it. so i, the lost sailor, had to stop and figure out what was this thing biting at my brain. you'll never guess this one. IT WAS A ROMANIAN SONG. in romanian!! and not a song song, but a manea. and not the fanfara ciocarlia kind of manea, but the really stinky, putrid one. the kind that turns you into stone and makes your neurons fall off like withered leaves, if you listen to the lyrics. a manea in a high class (sort of) indian store. the ridiculousness and unlikeliness of it is... well... indescribable.

are they gonna take over the world?!
let's all sacrifice a michael bolton or brian adams mp3 to the gods so they have mercy on us.