Thursday, January 15, 2009

the biggest con of all times

in my young evening alone i found some lost wisdom and time for utterly meaningless reflection. meaningless is only used wrong, cause it was as meaningful as the discovery of penicillin. and that was meaningful at least to all bacteria, everywhere. my discovery wasnt as useful, but thats a different perspective which we will refrain from applying to the matter.

the biggest con of all times that people have ridiculously sold to one another is: "this is who i am, this is me, i dont care what other people think about me, it took me a long time to accept me and thats the most important, and whoever cant see what great things i have to offer isnt worth the trouble". and people fall for that, people fall for that like crazy. like moths. like buggers. like stupid, to be more precise. its the biggest self-healing-potion and makeover-let-me-look-good-in-others'-eyes baloney, 2 in one. the biggest con. i wonder who invented it.

and it is that because no matter how incredibly stupid or evil or gross or dumb or really bad at making decision for ourselves we are we can still find the time and energy, in the lowest moment of self-loathing and realization of some crap in our lives to say: this is who i am and and i am proud, and i am like this by choice, and i have great things to offer and who doesnt see that is blind (but what we're secretly saying is love me, love me, love me, love me, i can change, i can change, i can change). and the truth is we can. but rarely to better versions. and mostly we dont want to. thats because of ego.

tonight i've made important decisions. the last one was one hour long in lasting, then i changed my mind. immaturity continues to stick by me, and i congratulate it for the ambition.

and since it's all about love and there's good in everyone i think i'd like to touch someone's heart. and then feed it to the ducks. :)
note to self: people with small teeth scare me.