Friday, January 16, 2009

chats are never what they were

short and funny, just like a midget on skis:

09:46 sucky: suckisukison
me: strasnic
09:47 sucky: Inima
15:26 sucky: damn u
me: pox on both your houses
(shakespeare said it)
15:27 sucky: u hav one in your nose
me: pox is smth else you dumbass
sucky: pox everywhere on u
me: yo sucky
21:13 sucky: sukesko
me: wATCHA doin?
21:14 sucky: nothing chatting
21:15 me: boring
sucky: yeah just like u
21:16 me: i'm boring?
sucky: yeah suckeso
me: swear!
21:18 sucky: :P
13:39 sucky: the war is still on
me: thw war is always on
13:40 sucky: i can see u shaking in fear
22:58 me: mr suckescu
what are we doing tomorrow?
sucky: eating your brain with curry paste
me: besides that
22:59 dressing up funny?
sucky: :P
23:01 me: speaketh!
i want to go to sleep
what do we prepare?
23:02 sucky: :P
brain curry :P
of ur brain
23:03 me: fine prateek
sucky: i will call u in the morning
my brain is not working right now
me: good night bastarde
sucky: :P
23:04 prosto
me: ciutia
sucky: kakastule
me: lol thats not even a word, benchoti
23:05 sucky: hahahah
but u get it right
the meaning and emotions are conveyed
me: no, no idea what you wanted to say!~
sucky: :P
me: adios, amigo
sucky: u are kidding
20:04 sucky: bobby
me: brown
6 minutes
20:11 me: wazzup?
sucky: good bobby
whats up with u
me: nuttin much
20:12 chillin with ma wikis
6 minutes
20:18 me: xuky
20:20 xuuucky!
20:21 sucky: brb