Sunday, January 25, 2009

things i wrongfully label "mine"

and it hit me the other day, i'm like deedee in that episode from dexter's lab, when they fight over stuff and they label everything, from the stapler to the mom. i label everything, EVERYTHING. labels are not even that bad, the little tidy girl in me says to the rest of me, the 90% of chaos.
but the thing about me labeling things is that i mostly always mess it up. i put "potential best friend" on "huge waste of time", i put "please stay away from me" on "you're cool, we click!" and so on. but in all the chaos i find a way to sort things out and remove labels, reapply them correctly (or just to my feel-good-about-it level). must be the little tidy girl.

an in all the label craze i do something preposterous: i put a lot of "mine" on friends, family and things. this has proven to be the most disappointing, cause the way i do it has no logic and the end result leaves me in confusion.

my label says sam. it stands for what i am.

labels are dangerous.