Thursday, January 22, 2009

too young to love, too old to die

I am a person with needs. some would call me needy and dispose of my attention, affection and also witty conversation. i would still keep in touch with these people, though, in hope of a really cool late comeback line.

right now my needs revolve or direct towards a man. its so typical, but i dont feel less comfortable with it. the man i'm talking about once said that the purpose of life is to love whoever is around to be loved. actually he didnt say it, he wrote it in a book. which is so ironically sarcastically erroneously happening - we fall in love based on proximity. and if i were to really fall in love i'd think its exactly cause of that, and diss it. people would be more lovable if they were more like fruit, less complicated and whiny.

i heart and need vonnegut and if there was a god he'd hurry one of his books over.