Friday, January 09, 2009

give more hugs

i found one of the most simple wisdom comprised websites i ever came across. its like girls' it-wasnt-meant-to-be-get-over-it philosophy: simple, effective, self indulging.

i do love stumble. i am a stumble bee. :)) stumble is like a tailor fit mood google. and by google i mean search engine.

i'm getting to be more appreciative, more positive. it's scary. hope sarcasm and habit of simply hhhating stuff wont go away completely.

later edit: jet - are you gonna be my girl just started playing in the background and i feel nostalgia hitting me between my eyebrows. i dunno why it decided to hit there. i do know why it decided to hit... cause last year, this time, i was excitingly writing applications. no, THE application. and i was jumping to this tune in videos. who even remembers?

is there still time to change course?!

lots of love and a wee bit of hate,
the stumbled bee.