Tuesday, September 07, 2010

leonardo dicaprio and a portuguese murder

might be the intense last few days, the new beginnings, the bad hair days, or the newfoundflu, but i had the damnest dream. it obviously had leonardo dicaprio in it, which i stopped dreaming about around two years after the sinking of the titanic on the big screen, which is almost 10 years ago. (!!!) it also had a portuguese murder. which was a debut in my dreamworld.

so i was in leo's house, doing something, business related, can't say what cause i don't remember, possibly delivering a newspaper cause i've been thinking a lot about that lately. and then i gathered guts and no wits and talked to him and he was really nice and then gave me an autograph. (if i were to interpret this i'd say i'm gonna get a job soon.)

the second dream, which i'm not sure was really the second, was happening in this dodgy neighborhood somewhere in portugal, where a man and woman were having a fight, and me and some people were just passing by, being somewhat touristy. and then it happened - the man ran after the woman and he stabbed her and she fell in a big hole. (and if i were to interpret this i'd be really sad for the rest of the day.)

story teller al rescante!

(that guy is not brian andreas. and he's not a pope, either. maybe evil kenevil's archenemy, called good barbiegood. but no, he's actually a ski sailor. seriously. in st moritz of '38. and he has nothing to do with anything here. except that he looks like he's at the rescue.)

"You're the strangest person I ever met, she said & I said you too & we decided we'd know each other a long time." 
(ok, this one is brian andreas)