Wednesday, September 15, 2010

a nose arose as cause

i was watching this movie today and i'm mostly mentioning this cause it opens up the stage for another thing or the thing really worth mentioning (that i had this whole little cinema all to myself and it was awesome).

now that that's out of the way, i can tell you about my discovery (which is connected to the movie because i got it while watching it): the perfect bodyguards should have immense, extraordinarily big noses so that when they speak in their little microphones hanging on their chests no one can lip-read what secrets they're saying, as their noses would be covering their mouths. ok, if they had a double degree and were also ventriloquists, then the nose would not be necessary.

BUT! this could revolutionize the industry of bodyguards globally and maybe even trigger an increase in sales of groucho marx masks (for those less nose-gifted aspiring bodyguards). and then all the bodyguards would be wearing these masks, kind of like a unifying thing, a little tribute to groucho and also to make themselves unrecognizable. it's genius! i'm glad i thought of it. i really am.