Tuesday, September 28, 2010

people and stories and chances and nudges

everyone should have a shot at telling stories. everyone should be given a camera and be told: tell us a story. a real story. a story that haunts them before they go to bed, or even in their dreams, maybe even just one scene that they keep on seeing in their mind over and over again or something that is absolutely ineffable and can never be captured on camera and yet finds its way there in the most sublime form.

people's stories would be something worth sharing. they'd be about penguins, or sand, or wind, or misunderstood feelings, broken bicycles, binoculars, riding on trams, kissing boys, teddy bear guards, dinosaurs, powdered sugar, cigarettes, hair standing-up, fire breathing dragons, adventures, car racing, heroes, making love or all of those together. or neither. people's stories would have so much magic.

everyone should have a chance to tell a story and be given a nudge to go along with it. chances and nudges make beautiful music together.
you might think we all do, we all get a shot. but you know better.