Friday, September 10, 2010

roses are red, violets are blue, you're not a conversationalist but i'll still pick you

i've just had a cross-gender revelation. i was looking at this guy and thinking what you are probably thinking, as well. or the opposite, if you are into that. (not that it's really easy to imagine him naked, that came with the next wave of surprise.)

and then it hit me! girls appear so very often to be like this guy: pretty, silly, cute, sexy little creatures. so, for a brief moment of spooky lucidity/hallucination, i had what i think was the perception that a guy, a regular old fashion joe, who might or might not have cocoa before he goes to bed, but likes at least football or sumo or hong kong phooey, is likely to have related to a pretty, silly, cute, sexy girl. therefore, ever so often.

in the words of happy bunny, it would be something along the lines of "it's cute how stupid you are." where stupid doesn't really matter at all, cause you're not talking, you're looking, it's just a word, it's not even a word, what is it?, and even if you were talking, you'd still be looking, and that never implies hearing.

so i drew two conclusions.

one, we're really all the same.
two, girls are really the majority in this "same" business.


Alexandra said... -> uite si aici :D