Tuesday, March 02, 2010

sometimes, being miserable makes me happy

i'm just the regular fellow who needs a bit of misery. not to appreciate the good out there more, but really for the pleasure of it. i am not a masochist, just someone who enjoys a bit of misery. pure blues, deep and prolific blues. i can't even enjoy that, nowadays.

i miss rain. seems like it's difficult and abnormal to be blue when the sun is shining. i need rain to justify and feed my blues. i need seasons, they give meaning. one long summer + one short pseudo-winter barely classify as seasons. they are there to confuse.

i need seasons.
i need rain.
i need gray turning into green.
i need trees that blossom.
i even need the cold, the cold cold.

i love you, india, but this is not going to work out.
erm, it's not you, it's me.


Banana said...

totally agree. you need the weather to fit your mood, but i have to say that depressed thoughts in super hot climate have that surreal touch to it, which makes it all more memorable. take the experience and embrace it!!
/a. streitie

prestidigitator said...

ok, madam zelda.