Tuesday, March 16, 2010

yoga day one - how to lick your elbow

i woke up. i did. 6 am. well, the correct way is i was woken up.

6.35-6.40 am. we arrived at the yoga center. big room. few people. all ages. all sizes.

a little move your wrist here, a little move your arm there, some aware breathing, some rolling. what madam in green could do, madam in blue couldn't do. what madam in blue could do, madam in green couldn't do. these madams were some sort of yin and yang. or a kind of yoga arch enemies meant to amuse me to keep focus.

then we moved on to breathing through one nostril at a time. it is always important to exercise your nostrils. we ended it with laughing. it was part of the exercise. we even took our tongues out and did the indian version of wazzaaaa?!", well, ok, maybe we didn't, but it seemed that way. then they chanted, om shanti something, but everyone had their fingers in their ears. what that mean i do not know.

(KK & Letzu in the near future)

there was no standing on the head or licking your elbow.
i liked it that way.

will i wake up again to go? patience, young padawan.


Cristina said...

bahahha...I'm not sure how I came across this post just now but I'm glad I did. good memories. good thing we perfected the nostril move in one session so we could do this in our garden. wasn't there an ear one too? :)