Thursday, March 11, 2010

will work for great idea(l)s

my first tweet today was "start the day with sparks from the who and you will start a revolution. ". 

i had this sugar rush (without the actual sugar) all morning. after the tweet came the realization that yes, some revolution will happen today. then it started to take shape, i could see in the imaginary globe of all predictions that it had to do with work, it had to do with how both me and my company weren't getting anymore what we needed/wanted from this collaboration, it had to do with how i was thinking of ending this for the past month. but i had doubts. some fears. mainly of rejection. ah, curse you, social acceptance! and then i saw this corny picture on my google reader:

so please, judge me all you want, i know i still laugh quietly at this, but it put the finger on it. i decided i'm gonna follow my straight-from-the gut sugar rush, my rationale over the past month and this incredibly corny picture and i'm going to do it. i am going to quit my job. well, my internship. 

and i did. maybe i can actually predict little personal revolutions. maybe i should update my cv, too. and add that.

in any case, if you need me, here i am. let's talk. ;)