Tuesday, June 09, 2009

i heart free lolli lollipops

today was a very atypical monday.
got my heart in it's right place or somewhere near, got my hopes as high as the elephant's eye, got a long awaited answer from the dreamy internship in india working with this and a heart shaped lollipop from the pizza guy.
my heart shaped lollipop reminded me of this song.

as well as 7 others. :)


Matei Tudor said...

Whoa, congrats for the India thingie! You're so lucky. I don't want to reach the end of my days and not leave 'civilisation' - move to Africa forever.

So basically what are you going to study there, and where could one apply for such a thing?

prestidigitator said...

I know. I've been whoa-wing to myself since yesterday. :)

I'm not studying, I'm doing an internship, I'll be working with that project that I gave the link to.
It's through AIESEC, some will say the world's biggest student organization, but I say the place where I've learned soooo soooo much! And if you're curious some will say you should visit http://www.aiesec.org, but I say you should join to get the gist of it. Questions anyone? :P