Tuesday, June 09, 2009

ma' shmallow (the 'r' is silent)

there is no sound labeled as 'music' that annoys me as much as club/trance/house/hardhouse music. i could tell that they are trying to send out some messages, express feelings of some sort, but i just don't get it. for a while i thought it was me, i felt a bit weird, really thinking there's something wrong with me, and i'm still sorry at times for my super low tolerance to it.

i can't stand it mostly because it bores me. it bores the pores out of me. so yeah, i think it sucks.

what do the fans think? what? what?!!

no judgment, just awe.


Gabriela said...

I do feel the same towards those "expressions of style" which I can rarely call music.. ^^

but let's say it is personal taste :) or that we know our music ;)