Monday, June 29, 2009

i've loved and lost

and they say its better than to have never loved at all. but i dont know who they are or why i know what they say when i dont know who they are.

and nothing and no thing has ever made me feel so happy and so free. somehow, i guess we're quite alike, stubbornly and freely, she has to go her own way, i have to go mine.
if i'd choose a song for her it would be this.


Gabriela said...

sad,mine is dying. I don't wanna let go..I don't wanna return it. I'm in a constant negative state of unwanting.

aşa că te înţeleg..

prestidigitator said...

i'm in my rebound relationship now. kinda like it, afraid it might turn into the real deal, which is a very very big mistake. :) dar ma asteapta acasa un DHS nou si dolofan. :D

sunt multi pesti pe bicicleta.